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Alex Burlie

Canadian Flyweight Alex Burlie took a surprising 10 round decision from Corporal Izzy Schwartz in Toronto on January 25, 1926. Later that year at Toronto's Arena Gardens, while he was the Canadian Flyweight Champion, Burley battered Scranton Pennsylvania's novice flyweight Harry Webber so unmercifully that the fight had to be stopped. But on April 18, 1927, also at the Areena Gardens, even though a reporter and Referee Lou Marsh said Burlie had won the first five rounds and fought the best bout of his career, Burlie lost the title to California Flyweight Newsboy Brown. He then announced his retirement, which was short-lived. He later lost two bouts to Willie Davies in Chicago and Pittsburgh, and substituted for Joe Villenueve in Pete Sanstol's Canadian debut at the Montreal Forum on April 25, 1928. He finally retired later that year after a loss to Bobby Clary.

Originally from Dundee, Scotland, Burlie was born on February 6, 1905, and died June 16, 1962 at the age of 67. His record: 12 wins (2 by knock out), 6 losses, and 1 draw.

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